First Commercial Radio Station Begins Operations in Detroit

The Scripps family founded 8MK, which claims that on Aug.

20, 1920, it 'became the first radio station in the world to broadcast regularly scheduled programs.' According to this claim the first broadcast began at 8:15 p.m. from the second floor of The Detroit News Building with the words 'This is 8MK calling,' followed by the playing of two phonograph records, 'Annie Laurie' and 'Roses of Picardy,' a query by an announcer to unseen listeners, 'How do you get it?,' and the playing of taps. The broadcast is thought to have been received in some 30 Detroit homes. The station, then licensed to the Detroit Evening News, says it has been on the air continuously ever since.

WWJ (950 AM, "Newsradio 950") is Detroit, Michigan's only 24-hour all-news radio station. Broadcasting at 950 kHz, the station is owned and operated by CBS Corporation subsidiary CBS Radio. The station first went on the air on August 20, 1920 with the call sign 8MK. It is believed to be the first station to broadcast news reports regularly as well as the first regularly scheduled religious broadcast and play-by-play sports broadcast.

WWJ provides "Traffic and Weather on the 8's" which features 24/7 coverage by Detroit Traffic Reporters and AccuWeather forecasts. Although WWJ is the only commercial all news radio station in Michigan, co-owned WWJ-TV is the only CBS Owned-and-operated station without a local news presence.