Battle Of Abu Tellul

The Battle of Abu Tellul (14 July 1918) occurred during World War I between British and Ottoman forces fighting for the village of Abu Tellul near the Auja river in Palestine.

Three Ottoman regiments, spearheaded by two battalions of the German Asia Corps, advanced north and east of Jericho, capturing the village of Abu Tellul, but were then halted by British advanced posts. A counterattack by the Australian Light Horse trapped the Ottomans and the village was retaken.

The battle is notable for being the last Ottoman offensive against British forces during the campaign. It is further notable for being the only time during the campaign in which German infantry were used as stormtroops.

In September 1914, Cox was appointed command the AIF's 6th Light Horse Regiment. The regiment trained in Sydney and Egypt before arriving at Gallipoli for dismounted service on 19 May 1915. Two days later, Cox was wounded by shrapnel while in his dugout. He was evacuated and did not rejoin his regiment until 1 July. When Brigadier General Chauvel took over the New Zealand and Australian Division on 19 September, Cox became acting commander of the 1st Light Horse Brigade. On 6 December 1915 the appointment became permanent and Cox was promoted to colonel and temporary brigadier general. He was to hold this post for the duration of the war.

The 1st Light Horse Brigade arrived back in Egypt on 28 December 1915. The brigade was sent to Wadi Natrun, south west of Cairo, to protect the Kataba Canal against the Senussi. On 11 February 1916, the brigade, less the 3rd Light Horse Regiment, entrained for Minia. They remained there until May, patrolling the area for signs of the Senussi.

In May Cox went to England on sick leave. He rejoined his brigade on 26 August 1916 on the Suez Canal front, where they now formed part of Chauvel's Anzac Mounted Division. Cox and his brigade took part in multiple actions during the Sinai and Palestine Campaign, including the Battle of Magdhaba, Battle of Beersheba and captured the town of Jericho.