Al Capone Marries Mae Josephine Coughlin

In 1918 Capone married Mae Coughlin, an Irish girl, who gave him a son that year, Albert "Sonny" Francis Capone.

The couple lived in Brooklyn for a year. In 1919 he lived in Amityville, Long Island, to be close to "Rum Row." Capone was still working for Frankie Yale and is thought to have committed at least two homicides, until being sent to Chicago in 1919. Yale sent his protégé to Chicago after Capone was involved in a fight with a rival gang. Yale's intention was for Capone to "cool off" there; little did he know that this would be the impetus for one of the most notorious crime careers in modern American history.

Al Capone married his wife Mae Coughlin at her family's church in Carroll Gardens on December 18, 1918, shortly after she gave birth to their first child. Popular myths … allege that Capone left Brooklyn to escape murder charges soon after his wedding. Newer research reveals that Capone moved out of New York around 1920 simply to try and make a better life for his new family. He worked a legitimate job as a bookkeeper in Baltimore before heading to Chicago at the behest of Johnny Torrio.