Second Battle Of Gaza

The Second Battle of Gaza, fought in southern Palestine during World War I, was the second attempt mounted by British Empire forces to break the Turkish defences along the Gaza-Beersheba line.

The first Battle of Gaza of March 26 1917 was a fiasco for the Allies after the commander, General Charles Dobell, made the decision to withdraw when his troops were in a position to seize victory. Turkey, encouraged by victory during the first battle, resolved to stand upon the Gaza-Beersheba line so that by the time the British were prepared to renew their assault, the Gaza fortifications were even stronger than before. The battle became another costly defeat for the Allies and resulted in the dismissal of the commander of the Eastern Expeditionary Force, General Archibald Murray, who had conducted the campaign in Egypt and Palestine since January 1916.

During World War I, he fought in the Cameroons and was later promoted to Major General. He served with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign under Sir Archibald Murray, but they were both replaced in 1917.