"The Cure" (film) is Released

The Cure is a 1917 short comedy film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin plays an inebriate who checks into a health spa to dry out, but brings along a suitcase full of alcohol. Along the way he aggravates a large man, escapes a bulky masseur and encounters a beautiful young woman who encourages him to stop drinking. However, when the hotel owner learns his employees are getting drunk off Charlie's liquor, he orders it thrown out the window. The drunk employee hurls it straight into the spa's health waters, sending the spa's inhabitants into a dancing stupor. Charlie, encouraged by his new love to get sober, drinks from the spa, gets drunk and offends her. The next morning there are plenty of hangovers, but Charlie gives up drinking and his leading lady forgives him, just before he accidentally marches into the liquor-laden well.