What Happened in May 1916

  • Battle Of Asiago

    The Battle of Asiago (Battle of the Plateaux) or the Trentino Offensive (in Italian: Battaglia degli Altipiani), nicknamed Strafexpedition... Read more

  • "The Floorwalker" (film) is Released

    The Floorwalker was Charlie Chaplin's first Mutual Film Corporation film, made in 1916. It starred Chaplin as a customer in a department store who... Read more

  • Battle of Macedonia and Occupation of Monastir

    Bulgarian-German-Austrian Forces Defeated — Allies Seize Greek Navy Salonika Army, 700,000 General Sarrail, Commander French Land and Naval... Read more

  • Battle of Jutland

    British Grand Fleet, 144 Warships Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, Commanding First Dreadnought Squadron — Vice-Admiral Burney, Rear Admiral Gaunt... Read more