Lake Naroch Offensive

The Lake Naroch Offensive was a battle mainly fought in March 1916 to relieve the German pressure against the French at Verdun.

As the French situation was becoming more and more severe, General Joffre appealed to the other Allies for a diversionary action someplace else in order to compel the Germans to withdraw part of their forces from Verdun.

Nicholas II acceded to the French request, choosing the Lake Narach area in Belarus because there 350,000 Russians (parts of two army groups) faced just 75,000 Germans (X Army under General Eichhorn).

During the World War I, Kuropatkin was put in charge of the Grenadier Corps in October, 1915. In February 1916, he became Commander of the Northern Front. He was relieved of command in July, 1916, and assigned to Turkestan, where he served as Governor-General of the Turkestan Military District, helping suppress a major rebellion of the indigenous peoples. He retired from the military in 1917. Following the February Revolution of 1917 he was placed under arrest but was soon freed by decree of the Russian Provisional Government. He then resided in his home province where became very skilled at playing the violin. He taught at an agriculture school he had founded until his death in 1925.