What Happened in Jan 1916

  • Battle of Sheikh Sa'ad Begins

    The Battle of Sheikh Sa'ad occurred between 6–8 January 1916 during the Mesopotamian Campaign of the First World War. The battle took place along... Read more

  • Siege of Kut

    British Army at Kut-El-Amara Surrenders After 143 Days' Siege Relief Army of 90,000 from India Fails to Unite with Gen. Townshend's... Read more

  • Battle of the Wadi

    The Battle of Wadi, occurring on 13 January 1916, was an unsuccessful attempt by British forces fighting in present-day Iraq during the First World... Read more

  • Battle of Hanna

    Aylmer's attack began with an advance by 4,000 troops of 7th Division, preceded by short artillery bombardments at noon on 20 January and on the... Read more

  • 42 Zeppelin Raids on English Towns Kill 426 and Injure 864

    The Germans in 1916 hoped to lay both London and Paris in ashes, and win the War, with the aid of their giant dirigible balloons, known as... Read more