What Happened in Sep 1915

  • Battle of Belgrade

    Serbian Forces, 300,000 Field Marshal Putnik, Commander General Zirkovitch General Goykovitch General Mishitch General Jourishitch General... Read more

  • Battle of Kut

    British Army, 12,000 Major-General Townshend General Frye General Delamain General Houghton Turkish Army, 20,000 Nuredin Pasha Djemal... Read more

  • Battle of Loos

    British Army, 250,000 General Sir John French General Sir Douglas Haig General Sir Henry Rawlinson General Sir Hubert Gough General Sir... Read more

  • Second Battle of Champagne

    French Army, 200,000 General Petain German Army, 215,000 General von Ditmurth The infantry attack along the 20 miles of Champagne front... Read more

  • Third Battle of Artois

    Franco-English Army, 300,000 General Ferdinand Foch General Sir John French German Army, 300,000 Crown Prince Rupprecht In concurrence... Read more

  • Battle of Es Sinn

    The Battle of Es Sinn was a military engagement during the Mesopotamian Campaign of World War I. The battle was fought to determine control of the... Read more