What Happened in Aug 1915

  • German Destruction of Factories in Canada and the United States Begins

    Germany had mobilized an immense army of spies, dynamiters, assassins and conspirators in the United States at the outbreak of War in Europe. These... Read more

  • Tesla Files Lawsuit Against Guglielmo Marconi

    Tesla was embroiled in other problems at the time, but when Marconi won the Nobel Prize in 1909, Tesla was furious. He sued the Marconi Company for... Read more

  • Galveston Hurricane of 1915

    The 1915 Galveston Hurricane was a deadly hurricane that struck Leeward Islands, Hispanola, Cuba and Texas, in mid August of the 1915 Atlantic... Read more

  • Battle Of Lone Pine

    The Battle of Lone Pine, was a battle between Australian and Turkish forces that took place during the Gallipoli campaign from 6–10 August 1915. It... Read more

  • Battle Of Sari Bair

    The Battle of Sari Bair (Turkish: Anafartalar Savaşı or "Sarı Bayır muharebesi"), also known as the August Offensive, was the final attempt made by... Read more

  • Battle Of The Nek

    The Battle of the Nek was a small World War I battle fought as part of the Gallipoli campaign. This is the battle described in the film... Read more

  • "The Bank" (film) is Released

    The Bank was Charlie Chaplin's tenth film for Essanay Films. Released in 1915, it is a departure from the tramp character, as Charlie Chaplin... Read more

  • Battle Of Hill 60

    The Battle of Hill 60 was the last major assault of the Battle of Gallipoli. It was launched on 21 August 1915 to coincide with the attack on... Read more

  • Battle Of Scimitar Hill

    The Battle of Scimitar Hill (Yusufçuk Tepe) was the last offensive mounted by the British at Suvla during the Battle of Gallipoli in World War I.... Read more

  • Italy Declares War on Turkey

    Italy had been allied with the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires since 1882 as part of the Triple Alliance. However, the nation had its own... Read more