Vancouver Millionaires win Stanley Cup

The 1915 Stanley Cup Final was played from 1915-03-22 to 1915-03-26.

The Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) champion Vancouver Millionaires swept the National Hockey Association (NHA) champion Ottawa Senators 3 games to 0 in a best-of-five game series. The finals were played in Vancouver, with Games 1, 3, and 5 played under PCHA rules. The Millionaires became the first team from the PCHA to win the Cup.
This was the first Stanley Cup championship finals played under the then-new agreement by the Cup's trustees, the NHA and the PCHA in which the two leagues' respective champions would face each other for the Cup at the end of the season. The Cup trustees accepted the 1915 NHA-PCHA proposal because they became dependent on the professional game; the top amateur teams were now playing for the Allan Cup. Under the new agreement, the Stanley Cup championship finals alternated between the east and the west each year, while the differing rules of the NHA and PCHA alternated each game.

All games of the championship finals were played at Vancouver's Denman Arena, the home of the PCHA champion Millionaires. Vancouver ended up sweeping the series with victories of 6–2, 8–3, and 12–3, scoring 26 total goals while limiting the Senators to just eight overall. Former Senator Cyclone Taylor led the Millionaires with 6 goals. Future Hockey Hall of Famer Barney Stanley scored 5 goals, including 3 in the second period of game three.

As per an informal agreement between the NHA and PCHA, the regular season champions of both leagues would meet for an opportunity to vie for the Stanley Cup. After eliminating the Montreal Canadiens in a two game total goals series, the Ottawa Senators of the NHA were primed to face the Vancouver Millionaires, champions of the PCHA. The championship would be waged in a best of five series. Vancouver came at the Senators hard, sweeping the series in three. The Millionaires scored 26 goals in the process while limiting the Senators to just eight. Fred "Cyclone" Taylor paced Vancouver with six goals. The Millionaires took the Stanley Cup home, the farthest west it had been to that date.

Upon the 1914-1915 season, the NHA and PCHA came to an agreement that each league's respective champion would play for the Stanley Cup; in the first year of this agreement, the Millionaires — led by Patrick and Taylor — emerged as league champion and defeated the Ottawa Senators to earn their first and only Stanley Cup championship. In a best-of-five series played at Denman Arena, the Millionaires swept Ottawa by scores of 6-2, 8-3, and 12-3. Taylor led the team with 6 goals. At the time, it was the furthest west the Cup had been awarded and it stands to date as the only Stanley Cup won by a Vancouver team (inclusive of the NHL's present-day Vancouver Canucks).

While the Vancouver Canucks' pursuit of their first Stanley Cup continues, West Coast hockey fans might not know that the city of Vancouver once hosted a Cup champion back in 1915.

Back in the formative days of professional hockey, the Vancouver Millionaires, founded by brothers Frank and Lester Patrick and their father Joe, became a hockey powerhouse.

The story of the Patrick family's building of the game of hockey in Western Canada is hockey history at it's most brilliant and breathtaking, and their stamp on the game is immeasurable to this day.