What Happened in 1914

  • Battle of Qurna

    The Battle of Qurna, (December 3, 1914) was between British forces and Ottoman forces that tried to retake the city of Basra which they lost at the... Read more

  • "Getting Acquainted" (film) is Released

    Getting Acquainted is a 1914 American comedy silent film made by Keystone Studios starring Charlie Chaplin and Mabel Normand. Charlie and his... Read more

  • "His Prehistoric Past" (film) is Released

    His Prehistoric Past is a short movie written by and directed by Charlie Chaplin in 1914. He also stars in this short. It was Chaplin's last film... Read more

  • Sea Battle Of the Falkland Islands

    British Squadron, 10 Vessels Admiral F. D. Sturdee German Squadron, Five Vessels Admiral von Spee England took immediate steps to revenge... Read more

  • Serbia Retakes Belgrade

    Serbian Army, 200,000 Field Marshal Putnick Austrian Army, 300,000 Archduke Frederick After clipping the wings of the Austrian eagle at... Read more

  • Battle Of Givenchy

    Battle of Givenchy (December 18-December 22, 1914) was a battle fought during World War I as part of the First Battle of Champagne, that saw an... Read more