Holocaust Survivors: John & Christine Damski

1914: John Damski is born. John Damski was born in Germany. His exact date of birth is not known. 1918: Sara Rozen is born. Christine Damski is born Sara Rozen in Chelm, Poland. Her exact date of birth is unknown as well.

1919: John Damski moves to Poland.

Damski's Polish parents move the family back to Poland when he is five years old, but by that time he has been able to learn fluent German.

September 1938: Sara goes to university in Warsaw

She meets anti-Semitism when the school announced that all the Jewish students had to sit on the left side of the lecture hall to display that they were "leftists" or Communists.

She decides not to return the follwing year.

September 1, 1939: John Damski escapes en route to the first of the camps Germans try to place him in. He returns to Gdynia but is transferred to the General Gouvernement, the German settlement for Poles afterward.

October 9, 1939: Sara flees Poland with her brother, Julian

Her father had given Sara three thousand gold rubles and sent both her and her brother, Julian, across the border to Russian territory. They settled in Lvov, a city full of Polish refugees.

December 9th, 1939: John taken prisoner for a second time

John and two of his friends tried to escape over the Hungarian border but were caught by German soldiers and delivered us to the Gestapo. They were sent to a jail at Sanok for political prisoners.

August 9, 1940: John is releases from the prison after impressing the gaurd with his knowledge of German.

August 24, 1940: John and his brother move to Zamosc

Zygmunt, John's brother, suggested that it would be easier to live out the war in a small, out of the way place, like Zamosc. John gets a job at a Jewish electric company.

June 22, 1941: Germany invades Russia

Sara's father has them snuck out of the country after the war begins again through one of Sara's friend's cousin. He later betrays them however, and Sara and Julian have to remain in hiding for years. Her father later betrays her brother after being tortured, leading to his imprisonment.

October 4, 1943: Sara meets John Damski

Sara meets John in trying to escape a SS raid when she lands in his lap after jumping out a window. She then becomes "Christine Damski" so that she and John can pose as a married couple.

Though this is Sara and John's first meeting, John had actually been helping the Rozen family for years while she had resided in Russia.