Lieutenant Gunther Plüschow Flies Sole Successful German Flight During the Siege of Tsingtao

The Germans were only able to field a single aircraft during the siege flown by Lieutenant Gunther Plüschow (a second airplane flown by Lt. Müllerskowsky crashed). The surviving aircraft was used primarily for frequent reconnaissance flights, but Plüschow made several nuisance attacks on the vessels of the blockading squadron by dropping jury-rigged munitions and other available ordnance. He also claimed the downing of a Japanese Farman MF.7. Plüschow with his aircraft flew out from Tsingtao on 6 November 1914 carrying the governor's last dispatches which were forwarded to Berlin through neutral diplomatic channels. On the night of 6 November waves of Japanese infantry attacked the third line of defences and overwhelmed the defenders. The next morning, the German forces along with their Austro-Hungarian allies asked for terms.

Pluschow's exploits started in 1914 in Northern China, in the German colony of Tsingtao. Here he repeatedly flew his aircraft singled handed and outnumbered against the Japanese Farman Float Planes, whilst artillery spotting over enemy lines.

Tsingtao soon became blockaded and surrounded by Japanese and British forces. In late November, as the German situation military situation deteriorated, Pluschow was given orders by the Governor of Tsingtao to escape capture and return to Germany.