Allies Take Formal Possession of German-Controlled Colony at Qingdao

German PoWs returning to Wilhelmshaven, Germany from Japan in February 1920 The Allies took formal possession of the colony on 16 November 1914.

Japanese army casualties numbered 236 killed and 1,282 wounded; the British, 12 killed and 53 wounded. The German defenders suffered 199 dead and 504 wounded.

That the Germans were able to hold out for nearly two months under a total Japanese/British blockade, sustained artillery barrages and manpower odds of 6:1 gave a morale boost during the siege as well as later in defeat. The German dead were buried at Tsingtao; the troops were transported to prisoner of war camps in Japan and were treated well and with respect.

A dreary, melancholy, grey November day without! Gone is the decoration of flags and the rejoicing of the day of Coronel! Everything in its time! To-day the throb of our hearts belongs to you heroes out yonder, our whole mood, our whole sentiment; for you have fought as German heroes have never been better able to do.