Ottawa Senators win Stanley Cup

The 1910–11 NHA season was the second season of the now defunct National Hockey Association.

Five teams played 16 games each, starting on December 31, 1910 and ending on March 10, 1911. The Ottawa Hockey Club won the league championship and took over the Stanley Cup from the Montreal Wanderers.

Ottawa played two challenges after the season at The Arena in Ottawa.

Posting a 13-3-0 record through the NHA's regular season, the Ottawa Senators were challenged by the Ontario Provincial Hockey League champions from Galt. In a one game championship held on March 13, the Ottawa Senators defeated Galt 7-4 to win the Stanley Cup. Ottawa's Marty Walsh, who had competed for the Stanley Cup with Queen's University in 1906, scored three goals for the Senators. Three days after defeating Galt, Ottawa took on the Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay) Bearcats in defense of the Stanley Cup. Again, a one game final decided the championship. The Senators easily defeated the Ontario Hockey League champion Bearcats 14-4. Ottawa forward Marty Walsh again led the scoring brigade with 10 goals in the final.

In their second year in the NHA the Senators would storm back claiming first place with a solid record of 13-3, scoring an incredible 122 goals in 16 games led by Marty Walsh who netted 37 goals. After winning the NHA Championship the Senators once again possessed the Stanley Cup accepting a challenges from the Galt Professionals who they beat 7-4 and Port Arthur Seniors who they beat 14-4. In their win over Port Arthur, Marty Walsh notched an incredible 10 goals.