Ottawa Senators win Stanley Cup

The 1909 Eastern Canadian Hockey Association (ECHA) season lasted from January 2 until March 6. Teams played a twelve game schedule.

The Ottawa Senators would win the league championship with a record of ten wins, two losses and take over the Stanley Cup.

Ottawa and the Montreal Wanderers played a two-game series at the St. Nicholas Rink in New York on March 12 and March 13. Ottawa won the first game 6–4, and the second game was tied 8–8.

In 1908–09, the Eastern league became completely professional, leading to the retirements of several stars, including Harvey Pulford and Russell Bowie. The Montreal Victorias and Montreal HC founded the Inter-Provincial Amateur Hockey Union, leaving only Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal Wanderers and Montreal Shamrocks in the ECHA. It was another season of player turn-over for Ottawa. Besides Pulford, Ottawa lost Alf Smith, who formed a competing Ottawa Senators professional team in the Federal League, and Tommy Phillips, who joined Edmonton. The club picked up Bruce Stuart from the Wanderers, Fred Lake from Winnipeg and Dubby Kerr from Toronto. This lineup had a successful season, winning 10 out of 12 games. Marty Walsh led all scorers with 38 goals in 12 games, while Stuart had 22 and Kerr had 20. The season was clinched with a win against the Wanderers on March 3 in Ottawa, 8–3, as Ottawa won the league and Stanley Cup.[51]
Notable players of this time period include future Hall of Famers Percy LeSueur in goal, Dubby Kerr, Tommy Phillips, Harvey Pulford, Alf Smith, Bruce Stuart, Fred Taylor and Marty Walsh.