What Happened in Jun 1904

  • Livy Clemens (Mark Twain's Wife) Dies

    Olivia and Samuel moved to Buffalo, New York, where they lived in a house purchased for them by Olivia‚Äôs father Jervis. Life was difficult for them... Read more

  • James Joyce Meets Nora Barnacle

    The disparate strands of his life found their focus on June 10, 1904, when he met Nora Barnacle. He guessed correctly from her accent that she was... Read more

  • Battle of Te-li-Ssu

    On 14 June 1904, General Oku, advanced his forces northward toward the entrenched Russian positions near the village of Telissu. General Stakelberg... Read more

  • General Slocum Disaster

    The General Slocum worked as a passenger ship, taking people on excursions around New York City. On Wednesday, June 15, 1904, the ship had been... Read more

  • Sinking of the SS Norge

    SS Norge was a Danish passenger liner sailing from Copenhagen, Oslo and Kristiansand to New York, mainly with emigrants, which sank off Rockall in... Read more