Winnipeg Victorias win Stanley Cup

he 1902 Manitoba Hockey Association (MHA) season consisted of a four game series between the Winnipeg HC and Winnipeg Victorias.

As the Victorias were the defending Stanley Cup holder, they would play two challenges, against Toronto and Montreal.

As Stanley Cup champion, the Victorias accepted a challenge from Toronto Wellingtons, champions of the Ontario Hockey Association(OHA), played during the regular season. The first game was played under Ontario rules, the second under Manitoba rules. Unusually, in the first game a goal was scored by Rod Flett of Winnipeg, however this goal was into his own net. No Toronto player is credited for the goal, Mr. Flett is. Winnipeg would win the series 5–3, 5–3 (2–0).

January 23, 1902 Stanley Cup winners
Art Brown(goal), Dan Bain(center-Captain), Fred Cadman(Center), Rod Flett(point), Magnus Flett(coverpoint), Tony Gingars(rightwing), Charles Johnstone(left wing/rover), Fred Scanlon(left wing), Burke Wood(rover), Jack Armytage (President), George Carruthers (Vice President), M. Hooper (Trainer), W. Robinson (Secretary/Treasurer), W. Pratt (Director).