Ward W. Willits House Constructed

The Ward W. Willits House is a building designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Designed in 1901, the Willits house is considered the first of the great Prairie houses. Built in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois, the house presents a symmetrical facade to the street. The plan is a cruciform with four wings that extend out from a central hearth. In addition to art-glass windows and wooden screens that divide rooms, Wright also designed most of the furniture in the house.

The Willits House is the first house in true Prairie style and marks the full development of Wright's wood frame and stucco system of construction. Wright used a cruciform plan with the interior space flowing around a central chimney core and extending outward onto covered verandas and open terraces.

The ground floor plan of the Willits House. Entrance-stair hall, living room, dining room and kitchen rotate around the central fireplace.