Frank Thomas House Constructed

The Frank W. Thomas House is located in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, United States.

The building was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1901 and cast in the Wright-developed Prairie School of Architecture. By Wright's own definition, this was the first of the Prairie houses - the rooms are elevated, and there is no basement. On September 14, 1972 the Frank Thomas House was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

This house, commissioned by James C. Rogers in 1901 for his daughter and her husband, Frank Wright Thomas, is the earliest of Wright's fully mature residences in Oak Park. Thus, it is the first "Prarie Style" house in Oak Park! It is also the first house by Wright to have its main rooms raised a full story above grade on a high basement.

South face of house This house also has the distinction of being Wright's first all stucco house in Oak Park, and only the third of its kind by Wright. By changing from wood to stucco in the design of his frame houses, Wright was able to achieve the kind of precise geometric masses that his rapidly developing modern aesthetic required.

Typical of Wright's houses in the period 1901-03 is the arched entrance, leaded glass accenuated by bits of white and gold, and the beaded moldings. This entrance way is famous for its "false door", which is not seen in this view, but rather is located in the area above the archway. Also unique in this house is the L-shaped floor plan, which orients the house toward the more open view to the north and west, while blocking from view the high brick wall of the row houses on the south side.