Wright Published in Ladies' Home Journal

Between 1900 and 1901, Frank Lloyd Wright completed four houses which have since been considered the onset of the "Prairie style". Two, the Hickox and Bradley Houses, were the last transitional step between Wright’s early designs and the Prairie creations. Meanwhile, the Thomas House and Willits House received recognition as the first mature examples of the new style. At the same time, Wright gave his new ideas for the American house widespread awareness through two publications in the Ladies' Home Journal. The articles were a answer to an invitation from the president of Curtis Publishing Company, Edward Bok, as part of a project to improve modern house design. Bok also extended the offer to other architects, but Wright was the sole responder."A Small House with Lots of Room in it" appeared in the July 1901 issue of the journal. Although neither of the affordable house plans were ever constructed, Wright received increased requests for similar designs in following years.

The second design for the Ladies Home Journal followed closely upon the first. Published in July 1901,"A Small House with 'Lots of Room in It" featured a gable roof rather than the lower, hipped roof. This was clearly introduced to catch the eye of the magazine's readers.
As Wright explained: "The average homemaker is partial to the gable roof. This house has been designed with a thorough, somewhat new treatment of the gable with gently flaring eaves and pediments, slightly lifted at the peaks, accentuating the perspective, slightly modeling the roof surfaces, and making the outlines 'crisp.'" Approximate costs for this house totaled $5,385.