Montreal Shamrocks win Stanley Cup

The Montreal Shamrocks changed their name from the Montreal Crystals prior to the 1895-96 season as they became affiliated with the Shamrock AAA. In order to keep the senior league Ottawa Capitals out of the AHA, teams formed a new league called the Canadian Amateur Hockey League. The Shamrocks won the league title after a ferocious1-0 win over the Victorias on March 1 before 8,000 fans. The Sharocks defeated a team of university students from Queens 6-2, in their only challenge of the winter. Harry Trihey scored the game winner and Jim McKenna was the goaltender. It was an odd game that was plyed under Ontario rules for the first half and Quebec rules for the second half. This came under a provinsion for all Cup challenges - in case where both teams could not come to terms on which regulations to play under, both would be used.

The Stanley Cup passed from the Montreal Victorias to the Montreal Shamrocks as champions of the league March 4, 1899.
[edit]Shamrocks vs. Queens
The Shamrocks defended the trophy against Queen's University. The game was played half under Ontario rule and half under CAHL rules.

March 14, 1899
Montreal Shamrocks
Queen's University
Montreal Arena

Queens 2 at Shamrocks 6

R.C Hiscock G James H. McKenna
Guy Curtis P Frank Tansey 1
J.W. Merrill CP Frank Wall
J. Marty F Harry Trihey 3
G.P. Dalton 1 F Arthur Farrell 2
R.R.Harris 1 F Fred Scanlon 1
K. Walkem F Jack P. Brannen
Referee - Harvey Pulford