What Happened in Aug 1898

  • Battle of Fajardo

    On August 1, the USS Puritan under the command of Captain Frederic W. Rodgers, was sailing by the coastline of the city of Fajardo, when Rogers... Read more

  • Battle of Guayama

    After the town of Yauco was taken, Major General Nelson A. Miles decided to attack the City of Ponce by sea and by land. General Garretson's 6th... Read more

  • Battle of Guamani River Bridge

    On August 6, Colonel Coit sent two companies of the 4th Ohio on a reconnaissance mission across and beyond a cast iron bridge that crossed the Río... Read more

  • Battle of Coamo

    Shortly after the American soldiers disembarked, a group of Spanish and Puerto Rican units began moving from Ponce to Aibonito, marching through... Read more

  • Battle of Silva Heights

    Brigadier General Theodore Schwan and 2,896 men of his Independent Brigade had landed in Guanica and marched towards occupied Yauco. Schwan and his... Read more

  • Battle of Asomante

    The American cavalry pursued the soldiers that had retreated from Coamo, but were not able to reach them until the units had entered Aibonito Pass,... Read more