Felix Hoffman, an Employee of Bayer Company, Learned How to Isolate Salicin and Make it Pleasant to the Stomach

Once they isolated salicin, they found it was poisonous to the stomach.

Then, 80 years later, in 1897, Felix Hoffman, an employee of Bayer Company, (a dye production company) learnt just how to isolate the compound and make it more pleasing to the stomach. Actually, Hoffman was trying to help his father out of his suffering, who was a patient of arthritis.

Almost 80 years later, in 1897, an employee of Bayer Company - then a dye production company - named Felix Hoffman discovered how to isolate the compound and make it less irritating to the stomach. Hoffman was attempting to make the drug in order to help his father who was suffering from arthritis.

In 1897, a man named Fredrick Hoffman who was employed by the Bayer Company, a dye making firm, isolated salicin and found a way to make it more tolerable to the stomach. This led to the discovery of Aspirin, which is to this day, considered one of the best treatments for Arthritis

No doctor's office or medicine cabinet is complete without a supply of aspirin, the world's most popular and in many ways miraculous painkiller. This multi-purpose drug was first stabilized and patented during a three-year span from 1897-1900 by Felix Hoffman, a chemist with Friedrich Bayer & Co. in Germany.