What Happened in May 1896

  • Khodynka Tragedy

    Nicholas II was crowned Tsar of Russia on May 14 , 1896. Four days later, a banquet was going to be held for the people at Khodynka Field. In the... Read more

  • Plessy v. Ferguson Final Ruling

    Plessy v. Ferguson is a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in the jurisprudence of the United States, upholding the constitutionality of racial... Read more

  • Point Ellice Bridge Disaster

    On May 26, 1896 in Victoria, British Columbia, a streetcar crowded with 143 holidaymakers on their way to attend celebrations of Queen Victoria’s... Read more

  • St. Louis-East St. Louis Tornado of 1896

    This tornado, which was to be one of the deadliest in US history, touched down about 6 miles west of the Eads Bridge in St. Louis. From the... Read more