Winnipeg Victorias win Stanley Cup

February 14, 1896 Stanley Cup winners
George Merritt(goal), Rod Flett(point), Fred Higginbotham (coverpoint), Charles Johnston(coverpoint), Dan Bain(center), Jack Armytage(forward- Captain), Colin "Tote" Campbell(forward), Attie Howard(forward) (Non players unknown).

The first east-west match-up in Stanley Cup history took place between the defending Stanley Cup champion Montreal Victorias and the Manitoba Hockey League champion Winnipeg Victorias. On Valentine's Day 1896, Winnipeg defeated Montreal 2-0 behind the goals of Dan Bain and C.J. Campbell and the netminding of G.H. Merritt. Winnipeg became the first team outside of Quebec to win the Stanley Cup.

Upon returning to Winnipeg a few days after their challenge victory on Valentine's Day, the Vics were given a parade, complete with Stanley Cup travelling in one of the cabs. After many speeches, there was a private party for the team and the Cup was "filled to the brim with champagne." Reports from the Winnipeg Daily Tribune were, naturally, slanted for Western readers:

"This was the first time the eastern men had to submit to a defeat at the hands of comparative babes in the sport of hockey, and yet it was not only a defeat but a complete whitewash."

The Winnipeg fans sung their team song over and over: "Hobble Gobble, Razzle Dazzle Sis Boom Bah / Victoria Victoria Rah Rah Rah."

From the Manitoba Free Press, Febuary 15, 1896:

Montreal, Feb. 14. -- There is joy in the ranks of the Winnipeg touring hockey contingent to-night.

The magnificent Stanley Cup, emblematic of the championship of the Dominion, is theirs. They presented it to the Queen City of the west, as a valentine won as it was on February 14th.