Montreal Victorias win Stanley Cup

After losing a challenge earlier in the year to Winnipeg, the Montreal Victorias wasted in requesting a rematch in order to bring back the Cup to Montreal.

However, satisfactory ice conditions could not be ensured and the series was delayed. The Victorias of Montreal had to wait until December of that year for suitable ice. On December 30 in Winnipeg, Montreal got their revenge, defeating the Winnipeg 6?5 in a hard fought battle. Montreal overcame a 4-2 halftime deficit to tie the contest at five, before Ernie McLea potted his third of the game in the closing seconds.

On February 14, 1896, the Winnipeg squad defeated the champions 2-0, becoming the first team from outside of the AHA to win the Cup. Their cup reign was brief, though: the Montreal Victorias, upon winning the AHA championship, demanded a rematch for the Cup. In what was said to be the most anticipated hockey game of the time, the Montreal Victorias defeated the Winnipeg Victorias 6-5 on December 30, 1896.