Montreal AAA wins Stanley Cup

The first Stanley Cup playoff game occurred on March 17, 1894.

At the end of the 1894 AHAC season, four teams tied for the AHA championship with records of 5–3–0. This created problems for the AHA governors and the Cup's trustees since there was no tie-breaking system in place. After long negotiation and the withdrawal of Quebec from the championship situation, it was decided that a three-team tournament would take place in Montreal, with Ottawa getting a bye to the finals (being the sole "road" team). The Montreal HC defeated the Montreal Victorias, 3 – 2. Five days later on March 22, 1894, Montreal successfully defended their title with a 3 – 1 win over Ottawa.

Montreal AAA were crowned the Stanley Cup champions for the second consecutive year. In what must be termed the first Stanley Cup playoff game ever, the Montreal AAA beat the Montreal Victorias 3-2. Five days later, the AAA club downed the Ottawa Generals 3-1. Montreal AAA forward Billy Barlow scored twice in each post-season contest as the AAA successfully defended their title