Alexandre Levy Dies

(November 10, 1864 Sao Paulo , † 17 January 1892) was a Brazilian Composer and Pianist . His Jewish family came from France and was musically active, his father founded the most important music business of the city and was himself clarinetist.

Alexandre Levy already had a twelve piano concertos and many say he has a career ahead as a solo pianist. Levy founded in his hometown of the first Clube Haydn, Then the Clube MendelssohnWho devoted themselves to the maintenance of classical music.
In Brazilian music history, he went as Author the Variações about to Tema Brasileiro one, one of the first orchestral compositions, which absorbed the musical traditions of Brazil. The most famous piece of this is Vem cá, Bitu. He was a pioneer of "romantic nationalism", which in turn of the century Brazil dominated. Levy has also composed pieces of Brazilian tangos Maxixe. In 1887 he spent some time in Paris and studied with Emile Durand. In Suíte Brasileira of 1890, appeared for the first time the concept Samba in a classical orchestral composition on.