Frank Lloyd Wright Marries Catherine Tobin

On June 1, 1889, Wright married his first wife, Catherine Lee "Kitty" Tobin (1871–1959). The two had met around a year earlier during activities at All Souls Church.

Sullivan did his part to facilitate the financial success of the young couple by granting Wright a five year employment contract. Wright made one more request: "Mr. Sullivan, if you want me to work for you as long as five years, couldn't you lend me enough money to build a little house?" With Sullivan’s $5000 loan, Wright purchased a lot at the corner of Chicago and Forest Avenues in the suburb of Oak Park. The existing Gothic Revival house was given to his mother, while a compact Shingle style house was built alongside for Wright and Catherine.

In 1889, at age 22, Wright married Catherine Tobin and built a home in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park. (The home is now known as the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.) In 1893, after parting company with Sullivan, Wright established his own architectural practice in Chicago. He soon added a studio to his Oak Park home and moved his practice there. Wright had six children by Catherine including Lloyd (1890-1978), John (1892-1972), Catherine (1894-1979), David (1895), Frances (1898-1959) and Robert (1903-1986).