Catherine Eddowes Murdered in the City of London

At 8.30 pm on Saturday the 29 September Eddowes was found lying in the road drunk on Aldgate High Street by PC Louis Robinson and taken into custody at Bishopsgate police station.

She was detained here until 1am on the morning of the 30th and then released. On leaving the station she turned left in the direction of Aldgate- rather than turning right to take the shortest route to her home at Flower and Dean Street. She was last seen alive by three witnesses, Joseph Lawende, Joseph Hyam Levy and Harry Harris, standing talking with a man (presumably her killer) at the entrance to Church Passage (which leads west to Mitre Square) at 1.35am. Only ten minutes later (1.45 am) her horribly mutilated body was found in the south corner of Mitre Square by PC Edward Watkins on his beat.

Though this murder occurred within the City of London, it was close to the boundary of Whitechapel where the previous murders in the series had occurred. The ghastly mutilation of Eddowes' body and the abstraction of her left kidney and part of her womb by her murderer bore the signature of 'Jack the Ripper' and was very similar in nature to that of earlier victim Annie Chapman.

Due to the location of this murder the City Police under Detective Inspector James McWilliam were engaged in the murder enquiry, joining the Metropolitan Police who had been engaged in the previous Whitechapel murders. At 3am on the same day as she was murdered, a blood-stained fragment of Eddowes' apron was found lying in the passage of the doorway leading to 108 to 119 Model dwellings Goulston Street, Whitechapel. Above it on the wall was a graffito commonly held to have been inscribed: "The Juwes are the men that Will not be Blamed for nothing". The lettering was washed away before photographs could be taken, possibly due to concerns about racial tensions.