Jesse James Gets Married

Jesse and his cousin Zee married on April 24, 1874, and had two children who survived to adulthood: Jesse James, Jr. (b. 1875) and Mary Susan James (b. 1879). Twins Gould and Montgomery James (b. 1878) died in infancy.

Jesse, Jr. became a lawyer and made a career as a respected member of the bar in Kansas City, Missouri.

Zerelda Mimms James born Zerelda Amanda Mimms (July 21, 1845–November 13, 1900, age 55) was the first cousin and wife of Jesse James. Her father, pastor John Wilson Mimms, was married to Mary James, sister of Robert S. James, Jesse's father.

They married on April 24, 1874, while the James-Younger gang was still in full swing. Jesse was first of the Jameses and Youngers to be married.