What Happened in Sep 1864

  • John B. Hood Evacuates Atlanta

    On September 1, 1864, Confederate General John B. Hood evacuated Atlanta, leaving the city, a crucial supply center for the Confederacy, in Union... Read more

  • Battle of Berryville

    Description: Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan’s divisions marched south from Halltown, reaching Berryville on September 3. Happening upon elements of... Read more

  • Union Forces Under General Sherman Capture Atlanta

    On the night of September 1, Hood evacuated Atlanta, burning military supplies and installations, causing a great conflagration in the city (the... Read more

  • Beefsteak Raid

    The Beefsteak Raid was a Confederate cavalry raid that took place in September 1864 as part of the Siege of Petersburg during the American Civil... Read more

  • Battle of Opqueon - also known as Third Winchester

    Description:After Kershaw’s division left Winchester to rejoin Lee’s army at Petersburg, Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early renewed his raids on the B&O... Read more

  • Battle of Fisher's Hill

    Description: Early’s army, bloodied by its defeat at Opequon (Third Winchester) on September 19, took up a strong defensive position at Fisher’s... Read more

  • Battle of Fort Davidson

    Description: In September 1864, a Confederate army under Maj. Gen. Sterling Price crossed into Missouri with the goal of capturing St. Louis. Union... Read more

  • Battle of Marianna

    The Battle of Marianna was a small but significant engagement on September 27, 1864, in the panhandle of Florida during the American Civil War. The... Read more

  • Battle of Chaffin's Farm

    Description: During the night of September 28-29, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler’s Army of the James crossed James River to assault the Richmond... Read more

  • Battle of Peebles' Farm

    Description:In combination with Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler’s offensive north of the James River, Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant extended his left flank... Read more