Davis Appoints General Robert E. Lee in Command of the Army of Northern Virginia

Robert E. Lee felt that his loyalty belonged more to the state than the Union.

He declined an offer the lead a union army, and joined up with the south, offering his services to Virginia in the April of 1861. Jefferson Davis appointed Robert a General in the Confederate Army. While a general, he failed to stop the invasion of Virginia, and was put in charge of Coastal Defenses, after which he became an advisor to Jefferson Davis. During May of 1862, Joseph E. Johnston was wounded during the Peninsular Campaign. and Lee was thrust into the command of the Confederate's strongest army, which he renamed the Army of Northern Virginia.

Davis was elected to a six-year term as President of the Confederacy on November 6, 1861. He had never served a full term in any elective office, and that would turn out to be the case on this occasion as well. He was inaugurated on February 18, 1861. In June 1862 he assigned General Robert E. Lee to replace the wounded Joseph E. Johnston in command of the Army of Northern Virginia, the main Confederate army in the Eastern Theater. That December, he made a tour of Confederate armies in the west of the country. Davis largely made the main strategic decisions on his own, or approved those suggested by Lee. He had a very small circle of military advisers. Jefferson Davis openly pushed for the acquisition of Cuba upon completion of the Civil War.