Battle Of Dominguez Rancho Begins

Stockton, however, left too small a force in Los Angeles, and the Californios, acting on their own and without help from Mexico, led by José Mariá Flores, forced the American garrison to retreat, late in September.

The rancho vaqueros who had banded together to defend their land fought as Californio lancers; they were a force the Americans had not reckoned with. More than three hundred American reinforcements, sent by Stockton and led by Captain William Mervine, U.S.N., were repulsed in the Battle of Dominguez Rancho, fought from October 7 through October 9, 1846, near San Pedro. Fourteen American Marines were killed.

The Battle of Dominguez Rancho (October 8-9 1846) was a military engagement of the Mexican-American War. The battle took place within Manuel Dominguez's 75,000 acre Rancho San Pedro.