Florida is the 27th State Admitted to the Union

The Territory of East and West Florida was established March 3, 1821.

With it came Peter W. Gautier Jr., appointed first U.S. Marshal for the territory on July 7, 1838, Territory of Florida, Western District. On July 7, 1838, the Territory of Florida, Appalachicola District was created and existed as such until Florida was admitted as a state on March 3, 1845.

The unified government of Florida was established March 30, 1822, when President Monroe signed into law the act which provided for a Governor and a Legislative Council of 13 citizens. Florida was the 27th state to be admitted to the United States (March 3, 1845).


Mr. MACK (for himself and Mr. Graham) submitted the following
resolution; which was considered and agreed to:

S. Res. 84

Whereas Florida became the first State explored by
Europeans when Ponce de Leon led a Spanish expedition that
made landfall along the east coast in the year 1513;
Whereas Pedro Menendez de Aviles, captain-general of an
invading fleet, ousted the French settlement, Fort Caroline,
at the mouth of the St. Johns River, proclaimed Spanish
sovereignty over Florida, and on September 8, 1565,
established St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United
Whereas Spain, France, and England played a significant
role in the development and exploration of early Florida;
Whereas President James Monroe proclaimed the Adams-Onis
Treaty in which Spain ceded Florida to the United States on
February 22, 1821, and appointed General Andrew Jackson as
the first provisional governor of Florida;
Whereas on March 30, 1822, the United States Congress
created a territorial government for Florida, following the
pattern set in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 by providing
for public education and orderly political steps toward
greater self-government and eventual statehood as population
Whereas 56 delegates representing the 30 counties of
Florida assembled in 1838 in the Panhandle town of St. Joseph
to frame the first constitution of the territory in
preparation for Florida statehood, who were mainly planters
and lawyers, were from 13 of the 26 States then in the United
States and 4 foreign countries, included only 3 natives from
Florida, included 3 delegates who would later become United
States Senators, included 2 governors, and included 5 members
of the Florida Supreme Court;
Whereas a bill to admit Florida as a State passed the House
of Representatives on February 13, 1845, and the Senate on
March 1, 1845;
Whereas President John Tyler signed a bill making Florida a
State on March 3, 1845, making Florida the 27th State to be
admitted into the United States;
Whereas Friday, March 3, 1995, marks the 150th anniversary
of Florida becoming a State;
Whereas the admission of Florida to the United States has
proved to be of immense benefit both to the United States and
to the State of Florida;
Whereas 96 citizens of Florida have served the United
States and Florida in the House of Representatives;
Whereas 30 citizens of Florida have served the United
States and Florida in the United States Senate;
Whereas numerous citizens of Florida have served in the
executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the Federal
Whereas citizens of Florida have fought and died in service
to the United States, and 22 citizens of Florida have won the
United States highest award for bravery, the Congressional
Medal of Honor, protecting freedom in the United States;
Whereas Florida is the fourth largest State and is rich in
natural resources and talented people;
Whereas Florida, home of the Everglades National Park, is
blessed with great natural beauty, clean waters, pure air,
and extraordinary scenery;
Whereas Florida is a world leader in agriculture,
commercial fishing, education, financial services, horse
breeding, high technology, manufacturing, phosphate
production, and tourism;
Whereas Cape Canaveral, location of the first United States
satellite launch and the first manned spaceship flight to the
Moon, continues to play a vital and leading role in the
exploration and discovery of outer space by the United
Whereas a special postage stamp saluting the
Sesquicentennial of Florida will be circulated throughout the
United States during 1995