Missouri Mormon War

In August of 1838, Mormons attempting to vote in the town of Gallatin in Daviess County were attacked and kept from the polls.

A man named William P. Penniston, who was a local judge, led the mob and, after shouting various insults at the group of Mormons who had come into the town to vote, said, “I headed a mob to drive you out of Clay county, and would not prevent your being mobbed now.” The Mormons, who were few in number anyway, were outnumbered about ten to one. Though they tried to avoid physical confrontation, the mob started attacking them, hurting several severely, but luckily not killing any of them.

The First fight occurred on a branch of Crooked River, near Randolph McDonald's, in the south-western part of the County, between a company of Ray County militia, numbering about sixty-five men, under the command of Captain Bogard, and a body of Mormons numbering about one hundred and fifty, commanded by Chas. W. Patton, to whom the Mormons had given the name of 'Thunderbolt'. The militia had taken one Mormon a prisoner, and were encamped in a bend of the creek, when the Mormons made a night attack and succeeded, after an obstinate resistance, in driving the militia a cross the creek, which was quite deep at that point. The militia lost two or three in killed, and five or six wounded. The Mormon prisoner was killed by the shots of his friends. The Mormon loss is not known, but is supposed to have been greater than that of the militia. Bogard's company was the advance guard of Doniphan's command, which reached the battlefield a couple of days afterwards.