Davis Secures an Appointment to West Point

Jefferson Davis attended West Point along with notable US Military Academy members of his Class and others Classes who would later play a major part during the "War of Northern Aggression" [aka the "Civil War"]. Those cadets included: Class of 1825 - Robert Anderson (defender of Fort Sumter on April 1, 1861), A. H. Brown (an engineering officer who help in the building and construction of Fort Sumter), Benjamin Hunger ( major general of the Confederate Army),; Class of 1826 - Samuel P. Heintzelman ( later Union Army General), and Albert Sidney Johnson ("Stonewall Jackson" the Confederate Army general and close personal friend of Jefferson Davis),; Class 1827 - the legendary Robert E. Lee (Confederate Army Commanding General), Philip St. George Cooke (Union Army general), Joseph E. Johnson (Confederate Army general who openly who fought with President Jefferson Davis), and the very interesting Leonidas Polk (Episcopal bishop and Confederate Army General).

Davis went on to Jefferson College at Washington, Mississippi, in 1818, and to Transylvania University at Lexington, Kentucky, in 1821. In 1824, Davis entered the United States Military Academy (West Point).[1] He completed his four-year term as a West Point cadet, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in June 1828 following graduation.