Pope Pius VII dies

Discontent centered perhaps in the Carbonari, a Liberal secret society condemned by the pope in 1821.

The chief triumphs of Consalvi were the negotiation of a series of valuable concordats with all the Roman Catholic powers save Austria. In the latter years of Pius's life royalty often came to Rome; the pope was very gracious to exiled kings and showed notable magnanimity toward the family of Napoleon. He also attracted many artists to the city, including the greatest sculptors of the time, one of whom, the Protestant Thorwaldsen, prepared the tomb in which repose the remains of the gentle and courageous pontiff, who passed into rest on the 20th of August 1823. His successor was Pope Leo XII.

Papacy began 14 March, 1800

Papacy ended 20 August, 1823

Predecessor Pius VI

Successor Leo XII

Personal details:

Birth name Barnaba

Niccolò Maria Luigi Chiaramonti

Born August 14, 1742 Cesena, Papal State

Died August 20, 1823 (aged 81) Rome, Papal State