The Treaty Of Fort Adams Is Signed

The Treaty of Fort Adams was signed on December 17, 1801 between the Choctaw (an American Indian tribe) and the United States Government.

The treaty ceded about 2,641,920 acres (10,691.5 km2) of Choctaw land. The commissioners reported to President Thomas Jefferson that "for the first time, the bounty of the United States was implored, and we were supplicated for materials, tools, implements, and instructors, to aid their exertions, and to direct their labors ... hope, that by the liberal and well directed attention of the Government, these people may be made happy and useful; and that the United States may be saved the pain and expense of expelling or destroying them."

Treaty Year Ceded Land
Hopewell 1786 n/a
Fort Adams 1801 2,641,920 acres (10,691.5 km2)
Fort Confederation 1802 10,000 acres
Hoe Buckintoopa 1803 853,760 acres (3,455.0 km2)
Mount Dexter 1805 4,142,720 acres (16,765.0 km2)
Fort St. Stephens 1816 10,000 acres (40 km2)
Doak's Stand 1820 5,169,788 acres (20,921.39 km2)
Washington City 1825 2,000,000 acres (8,100 km2)
Dancing Rabbit Creek 1830 10,523,130 acres (42,585.6 km2)