The First Issue of Le Vieux Cordelier is Published

During the French Revolution, Le Vieux Cordelier was a journal of which seven issues were published, between 5 December 1793 and 25 January 1794.

It was edited by Camille Desmoulins, who wrote it at the instigation of Georges Jacques Danton. Danton was encouraged to do so by the "tribune de l'Indulgence" and the Indulgents, and by Maximilien de Robespierre, who saw in it a competitor for Le Père Duchesne and a weapon against the Hébertists. Camille Desmoulins took on its editing so that, while attacking, he could defend himself against accusations directed against his frequent meetings with general Arthur Dillon

Robespierre eventually charged Camille Desmoulins (along with orator Danton), who had criticized the Committee of Public Safety in his paper, of being 'citras' who wanted to stop the Revolution before if had gone far enough.