What Happened in Aug 1782

  • Battle Of Piqua

    The Battle of Piqua, also known as the Battle of Pekowee or Pekowi, was part of the western campaign during the American Revolutionary War. Led by... Read more

  • Battle of Blue Licks

    The Kentuckians reached the Licking River on the morning of August 19, near a spring and salt lick known as the Lower Blue Licks. On the other side... Read more

  • Battle of Trincomalee

    Following the battle off Negapatam, Hughes had spent two weeks at see before putting into Madras for repairs. There he was joined by Sceptre and... Read more

  • Battle Of The Combahee River

    The Battle of the Combahee River was a skirmish of the American Revolutionary War fought on April 26, 1782, near Charleston, South Carolina, one of... Read more

  • Sinking of HMS Royal George

    The first-rate ship HMS Royal George was laid down as the Royal Anne but renamed in honour of the reigning monarch George II before her launch in... Read more