Francisco's Fight

Francisco's Fight is the name commonly given to a skirmish between Tarleton's Raiders and Peter Francisco during the American Revolutionary War in July 1781.

The common version is that Francisco had been badly wounded in the leg by a bayonet during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and had been ordered home to recuperate by his commanding officer. While passing through the settlement of Ward's Tavern in present-day Nottoway County, Virginia, Francisco encountered a band of 11 Raiders at Benjamin Ward's tavern. They promptly took him into custody. One of the 11, commonly said to be the paymaster, was told to take charge of the prisoner of war, while the others went into the tavern for a few drinks.

Peter Francisco (c. 1760-January 16, 1831), known variously as the "Virginia Giant" or the "Giant of the Revolution" (and occasionally as the "Virginia Hercules" or some variant thereof), was an American patriot and soldier in the American Revolution. The cover page of a 2006 issue of Military History asked a rhetorical question which suggested he may have been the greatest soldier in American History. George Washington once said that Francisco's prowess directly enabled American victories in two battles, and went on to state the war may have even been lost without Francisco's participation.