Skirmish at Waters Creek

Lord Cornwallis, while on his Peninsula campaign, sent Captain Brown on a foraging mission.

This mission brought Brown, and his group of 40 soldiers, up the James River where they landed near Newport News Point. Several hours after landing, Brown and his soldiers were met by 30 Virginia militiamen.

The militiamen were led by Captain Edward Mallory, a resident of Hampton, Virginia. The militiamen divided their forces with the cavalry leading the charge from the front while the infantry fired from the flank. Captain Mallory himself was killed in the attack, after being wounded by shot, saber and bayonet.The militiamen were able to hold off the British forces, forcing them to retreat to Newport News point and eventually their boats. While retreating, Captain Brown was injured and left behind.

´╗┐Capt. Edward Waters gave his name to the Waters Creek when he patented land here in 1624. In the spring of 1781 a force of 80 mounted militia led by Capt. Edward Mallory repulsed a British foraging party loaded with plunder near the mouth of the creek. In a running battle the Virginians pursued the enemy to Newport News Point. Here they regained their boats, but left mortally wounded Capt. Brown behind.

This marker is located in a scenic spot between Lake Maury and the James River at the "Lions Bridge." An entrance to the Mariner's Museum is nearby. A large number of geocaches are nearby. Growing up in the nearby subdivision, I played along these beaches and trails as a kid.