Battle Of Black Mingo

The Battle of Black Mingo was a skirmish during the American Revolution.

It took place in September of 1780 in the vicinity of Dollard's Tavern near Black Mingo Creek not far from Willtown, South Carolina. General Francis Marion attacked and scattered a contingent of Loyalist troops that had been left to secure the region by Colonel Banastre Tarleton after his destructive march through the area. The Loyalists, under Colonel John Coming Ball, were driven into the nearby swamp after suffering significant casualties.

Following the destruction of the Mouzon Plantation on August 7, 1780, the citizens of Williamsburg sent Major James to Georgetown, South Carolina to inquire of the British Commander, Naval Captain Ardesoif, of the conditions of their parole. James was informed by Ardesoif that the paroled officers of Williamsburg would be expected to take up arms against their countrymen. James left the meeting in a great state of agitation and returned back to Williamsburg, where a battalion was organized under Captain Mouzon and several others. Mouzon and two other men left to find Colonel Francis Marion and bring him to Williamsburg to command the battalion. On September 14, 1780, Marion's forces attacked those of Colonel Cumming Ball at the Battle of Black Mingo Creek. Mouzon was severely injured in this battle; his injuries would affect him for the rest of his life.