Battle Of Charlotte

The Battle of Charlotte was an American Revolutionary War battle fought in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 26, 1780.

The battle took place at the Mecklenburg County Court House, which is now the site of the Bank of America tower at Trade and Tryon Streets in downtown Charlotte. General Charles Cornwallis of the British command marched into town and encountered a Patriot militia under the command of William R. Davie in front of the court house. A skirmish ensued, and the Patriots withdrew north toward Salisbury.

On September 26, Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton's British Legion, temporarily under the command of Major George Hanger, the advance forces of Cornwallis' army, entered Charlotte. Davie had arrayed about 150 men in the streets and buildings near the courthouse. Some of these men opened fire on the Legion, and Hanger ordered a charge. Concealed riflemen opened fire on the flanks of the charging men, dropping twenty men including Hanger and pushing the rest back toward the main army column. Davie and his men withdrew as the main army neared.