Battle Of Fishing Creek

The Battle of Fishing Creek, also called War on Sugar Creek, was an American Revolutionary War battle fought on August 18, 1780, between American and British forces including the 71st Foot.

It was fought near the junction of Fishing Creek and the Catawba River in South Carolina. British forces under Banastre Tarleton surprised the militia company of Thomas Sumter, killing a significant number, taking about 300 captives, and very nearly capturing Sumter, who some say was asleep at the time of the attack.

On August 18, British scouts informed Tarleton that the Americans were continueing west and not heading to the ferry. Tarleton gathered his force, crossed the river, and followed Sumter. He remained undetected all the way to Fishing Creek. Fishing Creek was about 40 miles from Camden. The British infantry were unable to continue. He pushed forward with 100 mounted dragoons and 60 infantry, with the infantry riding double with the dragoons. They rode for 5 miles until they caught up with the Americans.