What Happened in Aug 1780

  • Battle Of Rocky Mount

    The Battle of Rocky Mount took place on August 1, 1780 as part of the American War of Independence. Loyalists commanded by Lieutenant Colonel... Read more

  • Battle of Hanging Rock

    Sumter decided on a plan of attack of assaulting the camp in three mounted detachments. The initial assault was made early in the morning where... Read more

  • Battle of Camden

    Both armies advanced at each other just after dawn. The British troops opened the battle, when the right flank fired a volley into the militia... Read more

  • Battle Of Fishing Creek

    The Battle of Fishing Creek, also called War on Sugar Creek, was an American Revolutionary War battle fought on August 18, 1780, between American... Read more

  • Battle Of Musgrove Mill

    The Battle of Musgrove Mill, August 19, 1780, occurred near a ford of the Enoree River, near the present-day border between Spartanburg, Laurens... Read more