Battle Of Lenud's Ferry

The Battle of Lenud's Ferry was a battle of the American Revolutionary War that was fought on May 6, 1780 in present-day Berkeley County, South Carolina.

The Loyalist British Legion, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton, surprised and scattered a company of Patriot militia at Lenud's Ferry, a crossing point on the Santee River.

Making all haste, Tarleton raced to the crossing. White had stopped at the ferry to rest, many horses were unbridled, and the men were completely unprepared when Tarleton approached. Brushing past the guards, his cavalry raced into the camp and began cutting men down with sabers. A significant number of men were cut down, and others, including White and Washington, only escaped by jumping in the river and swimming away. Tarleton captured 67 men and 100 horses, at the cost of two men and 4 horses.